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Parenting Tips: The happy child guide Do you struggle to discipline a child that doesn’t listen? At Last… A Simple New Guide reveals why your child misbehaves and teaches you how to stop your child’s defiant, out of control behavior

How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed By Motherhood

Becoming a new mom really changes you. You may find that you’re feeling edgy, nervous, self conscious, and more. You are probably experiencing a whole range of emotions that you don’t understand. What can intensify these feelings is the fact that you know you’re supposed to be ecstatic at being a new mother, and you […]

A colic baby

Yesterday my niece had a hard time calming down her fussy baby, she’s irritable and easily cries for no reason. Her pediatrician told her that she has a colic baby, i agree ‘cause I’ve experienced the same with my son when he was months old. The major colic baby symptom is continuous crying for some […]

Thoughts on child discipline

My son and daughter loves to collect “abubots” (small little things), every time we go to the mall they always buy stuffs like key chains, stickers, rubber stamps, cellphone accessories, and small toys. Last weekend my daughter saw this window framed eye wear ( i don’t know if I named it correct), I told her […]