On choosing the best guitar

How to choose the best guitar? Choosing the best guitar is a challenge especially if you’re a guitarist that plays different kinds of music. If you play metallic rock, jazz, R & B or ballads chances are you would be buying more than one guitar. For professionals having two or more guitars is normal but if you’re just a beginner buying one guitar with excellent quality is ideal.

How would you know which guitar is best for you? First, make sure to read online reviews of actual users of different guitar brands. Some of the known brands are Taylor, Ibanez and Johnson Guitars. Look for review sites that give non-biased reviews. When deciding, rank your guitar to be chosen based on budget, quality and playability.

Where to buy? Check out www.guitar center.com, they offer wide varieties of guitar and other music instruments.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

I heard in the news this morning that Samsung released a new guidance for Galaxy Note 7 users: Turn off the phone and bring it in for a replacement phone. Samsung announced a week ago that it would immediately stop selling the phone and replace the 2.5 million it had already sold. Customers must bring the phones with them to receive a refund or a different model.

What’s the problem with Note 7? According to report, there’s a risk that the Note 7 can catch fire while charging due to problems with the battery. Phones in China don’t appear to be affected because they have a different battery.

What should you do? Samsung “strongly” advised customers to power down their phones and participate in the program in a statement posted on their global website.

Can I take it on a plane? Note 7 users can take their phones on board airplanes but the phones must be powered off and cannot be connected to a charging device. The phones should be carried onto the plane and not stowed in checked luggage, according to guidance from airlines around the world.

Engl ironball amp head

Are you looking for compact yet powerful amplifier? Then check out the ENGL  iron ball E606 amp head. It offers pure tube tone in a compact body. It is loaded with useful features and packed into a handy compact package. See features below :

Two channels sharing one EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble)
Presence, Gain Boost and Gain Control for each channel
Extra Volume control for the Rhythm/Lead Channel
Four ECC83 tubes
Two EL 84tubes
Power Soak (20W, 5W, 1W, Speaker Off)
Master Volume Control and Master Volume Boost with fixed setting for a second Master Volume
Headphone out
Speaker out
Frequency Compensated out
Serial FX Loop

This is really a great product, compact with really nice sounding. The price is also low and it is manufactured in Germany.

Fashion Fur – The Timeless Classic

Are you looking to add something fun to your wardrobe? Are you looking for a garment that’s not only a statement piece, but goes with everything? Why not try fur? I’m not talking about the fake, and consequently, cheap looking faux fur found at local retailers everywhere. I’m talking about the real thing.

Long regarded as a wardrobe essential by kings and queens, fur is once again in style. It’s easy to understand why. Simply put, fur is an elegant choice of material. It’s soft, and when worn feels luxurious. It’s also incredibly warm and light. Imagine a rainy, dreary autumn day. Now imagine being wrapped up in your favorite fuzzy robe. That’s what wearing a fur coat feels like. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to work feeling as comfortable as you do on lazy Saturday mornings? With fur, it’s possible.

Simply put, fur is beautiful. Without even touching it, it’s easy to see how soft it is. Moreover, real fur looks expensive, when it really isn’t. It’s possible to find beautiful gilets for £90 and jackets for not much more. That means it’s possible to be warm and in-style.

A fur gilet or jacket really is the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. It can easily be dressed up or down. It looks just as good paired with a skirt and heels for work as it does thrown over a t-shirt and ripped jeans for a weekend-casual look. Its incredible versatility means it won’t sit in your closet gathering dust. Moreover, it adds texture and depth to your outfit in a way a synthetic fiber can’t. It’s naturally tactile and stands out without being garish. It would be difficult to get that level of versatility out of a fleece jacket.

This season’s fur gilets and jackets come in a variety of colors from black to pink. They also come in an array of cuts from forgiving bohemian ponchos to form fitting jackets. This makes them easy to incorporate into anyone’s wardrobe, no matter if their style is frilly and girly or rocker chick. And, since fur is so durable, it’ll last for years.

With those facts in mind, it’s easy to see why fashion designers keep coming back to fur season after season. Not only is it a practical material, but it evokes an elegance that harks back to kings, queens and famous movie stars. Today’s fur jackets and gilets come in flattering cuts and colors; fur doesn’t have to mean dowdy mink coats.

Before writing fur off completely, give it a try. After all, how many other jackets and gilets can simultaneously make a person look sexy, feel luxurious, and keep them warm? To see a wide selection of the latest fashion fur essentials click here.