One life to live

One of our brothers in our Church is currently confined in the hospital due to a heart attack. He’s in the ICU and in critical condition. The doctor said that he’s already clinically dead and that he’s just depending on a life support. We lift him up in prayer during our Worship Night. We asked God for miracle to happen. To breathe a new life for him. He has wife and children waiting for him to get back to life.

Life is really too short. We never know the time when we’re going to leave this life on earth. That’s why we need to make the most of our time. To live a life that is pleasing to God. To honor Him and do what He has commanded us to do, and that is to make disciples. I know i’m guilty of this. I haven’t fully given my all when it comes to discipling people. And that’s what i’m praying to God, that i may be able to fulfill my purpose here on earth. We only have one life to live but God already gave about four chances, that is four lives to continue my existence here on earth and to live with my family. I know it’s about time..

Wedding gift

After the Christmas season, gift giving is not yet over for me. Because I’ll be one of the principal sponsors in the upcoming wedding of our friend’s daughter. So now I’m looking again for the best gift to give to the couple. I just finished looking at a  music instruments online store because I’m considering a music instrument for them. Both of them are serving in our church music  ministry so I thought of giving them something that they both loved. However, maybe it is not fit for the occasion. Anyways, I still have three weeks to find the perfect gift for them.

Ninang to be

There are a lot of big events coming my way at the start of 2017. I just received a notice from a friend that I was chosen as one of their Godmother in their upcoming wedding this February. I was not expecting it because I thought they would choose my other friends who are a bit older than me hahaha but it turned out we are all chosen. Now we are all looking for a gown to wear. I already checked the internet for some designs and styles. There are many to choose from however my problem is if they would look good in my abnormal-shaped body. =)

Finding the perfect gift for every musician

Only two weeks left before Christmas and we’re not yet done with our Christmas shopping. I have ordered an amplifier  at Musicians Friend for my friend and I’m hoping it will arrived on time. This holiday season he will be using his musical instruments more often in various events so he will be needing it to make his instruments sounds better. Good thing there are cheap Amplifiers at Musician’s Friend. If you’re looking for your musician friends or loved ones, check out their website now, you will surely find the perfect gift for every musician.