The beauty outweighs the pain

We’ve been struggling lately because of the financial difficulties we’re experiencing. But in the midst of all the trials and pain still, we find joy and peace because we believe that God will never leave us nor forsake us. In our hearts, we remain grateful for all the blessings God has given us. I am thankful that our family is happy serving the Lord in different church ministries, we have friends, families, spiritual family who supports and care for us. We are truly blessed and so I believe the beauty outweighs the pain.

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Epiphone acoustic guitar

My son finished the junior high school with honors and because of that he deserves to be rewarded. When asked what he likes to receive as gift he promptly said an epiphone guitar! Well, even though the guitar is quite pricey we can’t say no to him. So now we’re scouring the net to find the best and the most affordable Epiphone acoustic guitar. Hoping to find one before the summer ends! 🙂

Breathe, trust, let go

Lately I’ve been worrying too much about our finances. Our bills are piling up while we are having a diminishing income. Almost everyday I think of ways on how to earn extra money but to no avail. Good thing i encounter inspirational thoughts and quotes from social media that helps me to lessen my depression just like this one.

My stress reliever

One of the cheapest ways to relieve stress is listening to music. To those who cannot afford to go to a spa or go on shopping like me just listen to good relaxing music, you will surely get a relief from your stress. Good thing, with the emergence of new gadgets listening to music now is very convenient unlike in the earlier days. Now you can listen to music anytime and anywhere. For me listening to gospel music is my stress reliever. That’s why it’s been in my wish list to buy the best headset so i won’t get stressed while listening to my favorite music. 🙂

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