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Benefits of Teaching Music to Children

Research and studies have proven that teaching music to kids helps develop the brain areas involved with processing language and reasoning. Kids who study music acquire smart mind and learn to become more creative. Children learning to play musical instruments increases concentration and develop positive attitudes. We want our kids to possess those skills and […]

Pomegranate for pregnant moms

Did you know that pomegranate is great for pregnant moms? Have a pomegranate juice daily as it improves the blood cells of both baby and mother.¬†Fruit and juice both are good to consume at least 2 times a week. It is a very good source of vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium and folic acid which […]

How to Keep Kids Entertained: Fun Alternatives to Watching Television

The television has become a great tool for entertainment in the modern age. However child experts advise limiting TV time with children, especially those under the age of five. While it seems like a practical way to entertain kids (and the easiest way, I might add) when you are preparing dinner or need to relax […]

How To Slip Vegetables Into Your Child’s Diet

Is this your problem?¬†Don’t worry. There is something you can do: trick them. Following are some ways i researched on how to slip vegetables into food so that they will be virtually undetectable. STRAIN VEGETABLES: Strain them yourself by boiling vegetables, putting them in the blender and pureeing them, then straining again. You can also […]