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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

I heard in the news this morning that Samsung released a new guidance for Galaxy Note 7 users: Turn off the phone and bring it in for a replacement phone. Samsung announced a week ago that it would immediately stop selling the phone and replace the 2.5 million it had already sold. Customers must bring the phones with […]

Connect your guitar to your computer with USB interface

I didn’t know that a guitar or bass can already be connected to a computer until i learned about it from musicians friend website. Using Peavey’s Xport USB interface  for guitar and bass, you can connect your guitar or bass to your laptop or desktop computer. If you’d like to try it you can find excellent xport at […]

Facebook allowing third-party sites to embed public posts

Facebook is now allowing webmasters to bring public posts from the social network directly to any third-party website or blog. Anyone with a website will be able to copy and paste code in order to embed the post on their page, in the same way that they have grown accustomed to embedding videos and tweets. […]

PC tune up software

Are you looking for ways to increase the performance of your computer? Look for Iolo registry repair, this PC tune up software aims to tidy up your system and speed it up.  When you ran the system check, you will know all your pc problems including registry problems. There  are many utilities which claim to improve the performance […]