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Epiphone acoustic guitar

My son finished the junior high school with honors and because of that he deserves to be rewarded. When asked what he likes to receive as gift he promptly said an epiphone guitar! Well, even though the guitar is quite pricey we can’t say no to him. So now we’re scouring the net to find […]

On choosing the best guitar

How to choose the best guitar? Choosing the best guitar is a challenge especially if you’re a guitarist that plays different kinds of music. If you play metallic rock, jazz, R & B or ballads chances are you would be buying more than one guitar. For professionals having two or more guitars is normal but […]

Engl ironball amp head

Are you looking for compact yet powerful amplifier? Then check out the ENGL  iron ball E606 amp head. It offers pure tube tone in a compact body. It is loaded with useful features and packed into a handy compact package. See features below : FEATURES: Two channels sharing one EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble) Presence, Gain Boost and Gain Control […]

MB200 amplifier

I’m saving some money so we could buy an amplifier for my daughter’s keyboard. I promised to buy her as soon as we already have the budget for it. I asked the help of my musician friend to choose the best amplifier and he recommend the gallien mb200. I searched the net for the specs, […]