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Magnetic sports bracelet

My husband loves basketball so much. He can’t live a day without playing basketball. Sometimes when he complain about the pains in his leg i get irritated at him because i already told him to mellow down in sports. But since he’s so addicted to it i think there are no words i can tell […]

Full support

I need a guitar pedal and keyboard pedal for my son’s guitar and my daughter’s keyboard. Also, I would like to buy them an amplifier and speaker. I’m still looking for the lowest price offer since my budget is very limited. I’m blessed to have musically gifted kids, so i fully support them. They are the ones […]

Benefits outweigh the costs

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, we are raising two musically gifted children, and we’re spending quite some of money to support them in developing their skills and talents. There are costs involved in raising a musical child, but the benefits will certainly outweigh these costs. So if you have kids that shows interest […]

Investing on musical instruments

Me and my sibling’s are blessed to have musically inclined children. Most of our kids have talents in playing different musical instruments. My daughter and two nieces can play the digital keyboard, my son can play the guitar and my nephew can play the drums. Together they can already form a band. As they grow […]