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Prenatal care

A mother asked this question in a parenting forum i stumbled this morning: Is it harmful to the fetus to not take a prenatal vitamin? I’m 9, almost 10 weeks pregnant and have been too sick to eat hardly anything for the past two weeks. My prenatal vitamins say they have to be taken with […]

Pregnancy memories

My cousin excitedly announced that she’s finally pregnant after 5 years of waiting. We’re so happy for her and excited as well. The memories of my own pregnancy thirteen years ago flash back in my mind, I was so excited at that time. Since I’m a working mom, my two pregnancies were not very easy. […]

Eight Lies Of a Mother

My friend sent this in my email today i thought of sharing it with you, it’s a very heart warming story. Here it goes: EIGHT LIES OF A MOTHER The story began when I was a child; I was born as a son of a poor family. Even for eating, we often got lack of […]

A colic baby

Yesterday my niece had a hard time calming down her fussy baby, she’s irritable and easily cries for no reason. Her pediatrician told her that she has a colic baby, i agree ‘cause I’ve experienced the same with my son when he was months old. The major colic baby symptom is continuous crying for some […]