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The musician’s Christmas wish

My friend is planning to buy music man reflex at musicians friend, he said that her son wishes to receive a Music Man Reflex Electric Guitar this Christmas. Because she loves her son so much she will do everything just to make him happy. And also, she wanted to support her musically inclined son in […]

GPS Tracking

My daughter is staying in a dormitory in Manila. She has three roommates, two of them are her former high school classmates. Last Saturday she told me that one of her classmate arrived late in the evening and drunk. I felt sad for her parents, they are not aware of what their daughter is doing […]

Extremely under-aged moms

A 10 year old ethnic girl in Colombia recently gave birth to a 5 pound baby and has become one of the world’s youngest ever mothers. She delivered the baby via caesarean section. The father of the child, according to authorities is a 15 year old guy. It’s really shocking to hear this kind of news. But believe […]

How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed By Motherhood

Becoming a new mom really changes you. You may find that you’re feeling edgy, nervous, self conscious, and more. You are probably experiencing a whole range of emotions that you don’t understand. What can intensify these feelings is the fact that you know you’re supposed to be ecstatic at being a new mother, and you […]