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Going green at SM Appliance Center

Just in time for Earth Day and the coming Environment Month, SM Appliance Center showcases its selection of energy efficient home appliances that help save the environment. • Loving those LEDs. Innovative LED television sets not only bring more natural, vivid on-screen images to your home, but are also energy efficient and use less power […]

St. Luke’s takes firm stand on stem cell therapies

St. Luke’s Medical Center takes a firm stand on the use of stem cell therapies. Concerned for the well-being of patients, St. Luke’s only endorses and makes available stem cell therapies that have already been established as safe after rigorous, long term clinical research. According to Dr. Joven R. Cuanang, St. Luke’s SVP for Medical […]

WHO issued new guidelines on dietary sodium and potassium intake

The WHO issued new guidelines on dietary sodium and potassium intake, warning that persons with elevated sodium levels and low potassium levels “could be at risk of raised blood pressure which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.” According to the World Health Organization most people consume too much sodium and not enough potassium. “Recent data […]

Mobility And Safety For Seniors: Medical Walkers With Seat

The aging process takes its toll on the body’s condition. Our aging parents and grandparents won’t be as agile as they were during their prime years. Certain medical conditions may eventually come and confine them to sitting or lying down on their beds. Walkers and wheelchairs with seats allow the elderly to move around and socialize […]