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Ninang to be

There are a lot of big events coming my way at the start of 2017. I just received a notice from a friend that I was chosen as one of their Godmother in their upcoming wedding this February. I was not expecting it because I thought they would choose my other friends who are a […]

Back to school shopping

It’s been a week since my son get back to school, but I’m not yet over with our back to school shopping. We managed to shop only for important school supplies like notebook, pen, pad paper, plastic cover, envelopes, etc. two days before the opening of classes. I told my son to use his old […]

How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed By Motherhood

Becoming a new mom really changes you. You may find that you’re feeling edgy, nervous, self conscious, and more. You are probably experiencing a whole range of emotions that you don’t understand. What can intensify these feelings is the fact that you know you’re supposed to be ecstatic at being a new mother, and you […]

Parenting Tips and Online Reward Systems

World Wide Web is emerging as an alternative source to secure excellent parenting tips. For the believers of the point that good parenting ensures better future of the wards, web works as an important alternative to seek help from. In order to choose the parenting source, well suited to the nature of the kids, the […]