Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

I heard in the news this morning that Samsung released a new guidance for Galaxy Note 7 users: Turn off the phone and bring it in for a replacement phone. Samsung announced a week ago that it would immediately stop selling the phone and replace the 2.5 million it had already sold. Customers must bring the phones with them to receive a refund or a different model.

What’s the problem with Note 7? According to report, there’s a risk that the Note 7 can catch fire while charging due to problems with the battery. Phones in China don’t appear to be affected because they have a different battery.

What should you do? Samsung “strongly” advised customers to power down their phones and participate in the program in a statement posted on their global website.

Can I take it on a plane? Note 7 users can take their phones on board airplanes but the phones must be powered off and cannot be connected to a charging device. The phones should be carried onto the plane and not stowed in checked luggage, according to guidance from airlines around the world.

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