Back to school shopping

It’s been a week since my son get back to school, but I’m not yet over with our back to school shopping. We managed to shop only for important school supplies like notebook, pen, pad paper, plastic cover, envelopes, etc. two days before the opening of classes. I told my son to use his old school bag and shoes temporarily and promise to buy him new ones as soon as we already have the budget for it. I’m glad that my son is very understanding, he cares about our needs and he knows how to wait. That’s why everytime I make promises  I make sure that I also fulfill them.

Thank God  today I got an online job offer where I can get shopping vouchers as token. So as soon as I receive the vouchers, I will buy this Hawk bag for my son.  I love Hawk bags for their good quality and sleek design.


I’m sure my son will be very happy with this surprise. ?

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