Kobe unveils new shoe inspired by Pacquiao

Kobe Bryant unveiled his new shoe inspired by Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.┬áThe new Kobe 9 have some similarities with boxing shoes, the manufacturer incorporate a “Flyknit technology,” weaving fabric for snug high-cut ankle support.

“The idea, first going to a low-cut shoe, football had a great influence in my life, looking at how they move, and same thing happened here,” Bryant said in an interview with the press uploaded by Bleacher Report. “I was with [Filipino boxing icon Manny] Pacquiao watching him train, prepare for a fight. I’m looking down; I’m looking at his boxing boot. I’m saying man, what if there’s something there? And the timing just kinda matched up.”

Nike also dispelled rumors that Bryant’s new shoe is a response to his Achilles injury. The Lakers guard had to have an operation on his torn left Achilles tendon earlier this year, derailing Los Angeles’ playoff run.

“We started this project almost two and a half years ago,” said Nike’s VP of Design Eric Avar. “This notion of going to a high top, more of a dynamic high top, was something we’ve been working on. His Achilles injury is a bummer, unfortunate for anyone. But it could happen to anyone in any shoe.”

The shoe is scheduled to be released early February next year, retailing in the United States for $225.

source- GMA news

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