A holiday gift guide for the musician in your life

Are you thinking what gift to give for the musicians in your life this holiday season? Below are some gift ideas for musician’s and music lovers of all ages:

iPod and earbuds
custom iPod, iPad or iPhone cover
Musician’s Dice
personalized music tote
personalized music pencils
a new music book
Instrument tag
musical toys
music lessons
a 2014 wall calendar or planner with music motifs
Amazon or itunes gift cards
tickets to a concert or musical
a new instrument like lefty banjo for the left handed
a new instrument case
a folding music stand
a new CD by their favorite group or composer
a keychain of their preferred instrument
music charm bracelet
music charms
music related jewelry or cuff links
music print tie
Musician entertainment center – plays old records and new mp3?s
a home or car sound system
for children: a gift basket full of musical toy instruments along with their favorite candies or snacks
music note cut outs to decorate their room
musician wall art

Consider creating the perfect gift by personalizing the item with the recipient’s name.  I think they’ll appreciate your gifts even more.

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