Google page for Philippine elections launched

Filipino voters can now visit one site to keep abreast with election news from different media outlets, according to Google Philippines. Various local media outlets collaborated with the search giant to create – a one-stop online hub for elections-related news and information.

“We want to make sure citizens have a quick access to information to help them make informed decisions on election day,” said Narciso Reyes, Google Philippines Country Manager.

The Elections Page will allow users to engage with candidates through a variety of platforms, such as live-streamed debates on YouTube or discussions with reporters or other citizens on Google+ Hangouts.

The page curates stories from different news sites and hosts up-to-date broadcast coverage from the networks’ YouTube channels. Elections-related incidents provided by the online news collaborators are also plotted on Google Maps embedded on the page to inform the public about events taking place in different parts of the country.

Another key component is the Precinct Finder, which makes voting centers easy to find based on city, region and the voter’s precinct number. Precinct locations are currently being plotted on Google Maps by volunteers and will be available on the page before May 13, 2013.

Google created its first elections page five years ago when its engineers noticed a huge increase in search traffic around the election period in the United States. Today, 16 countries including Malaysia, Thailand, and now, the Philippines, have elections pages that aid voters in their decisions before elections are due.


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