Flesh-eating disease victim gets fitted with new bionic hands

Aimee Copeland, who lost both of her hands to a flesh-eating bacteria, says new technology is helping her perform all of life’s basic needs.

With her new “i-Limb ultra revolution” hands, Copeland can pick up small items like Skittles, grasp a glass, chop vegetables and comb her hair.

The bionic hands can cost up to $120,000 each, according to a spokesman for manufacturer Touch Bionics. Copeland can also remotely set her hand positions with an iPad application and blue-tooth connection.

Copeland, of Snellville, contracted a rare infection called necrotizing fasciitis in May 2012 after falling from a zip line and gashing her leg. She spent two months at the Shepherd Center, a rehabilitation clinic in Atlanta, learning to move, eat and bathe without prosthetics. She spent part of the week at Touch Bionics being fitted for the prosthetic hands that her father says will be controlled by her muscle movements and arm positions.
Copeland said she hopes to get a prosthetic leg later this year to make her dream of walking again come true.
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