New Policy with Instagram Effect on Business

Those who utilize Instagram and have been with the company since it was formed have found Instagram to be a great way to share their images and to create a reputation, which can spread to their success. Numerous businesses have found ways to reach a greater audience, which has led to increased profits, while individuals have found a way to get their word out there or to get themselves out into the world for networking purposes. Those images in which people post are taken by their smart phone and are their own property due to the fact that the person is taking them.

Instagram followers

Businesses with Instagram

Those businesses, which have taken images and posted these to Instagram, find their followers can like the image to allow it to be on the popular page Instagram has each day. Businesses that are just starting can Get Instagram Likes at Get Instagram Followers, to start their journey out better. However, news from Instagram, which changes their policies, has many businesses fearing the images they have placed on the popular social media application.

New Policies with Instagram

The new policy released by Instagram states that any image a business or person posts onto the site becomes the property of Instagram. Therefore, those images which appear on the popular page, the page in which most businesses are trying to land, could very well end up posted around the web. Alternatively, Instagram could sell these photos in order to make a profit. This has caused many businesses to consider not utilizing Instagram, as they do not want their pictures becoming the property of Instagram.

Instagram Official Statement

Due to the massive uproar among those who utilize Instagram, the social media application clarified their terms as to what they meant. They are not taking the pictures from people, yet they are stating that they can use any picture they like for advertisements related to Instagram. This does mean that a business could see their photo used as an advertisement to drive in more traffic to Instagram.

The Problem

The problem that most businesses are now facing is whether they will continue with Instagram even if their photo can be used without receiving compensation or notification. Most businesses are going to stick with the social media application simply because they have such a large following and have garnered so much attention from using this application. Yet, it is making many new businesses weary of using the site since it could lead to more problems.

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