Kesz Valdez, 13 Year Old Pinoy, Wins International Children’s Peace Prize 2012

A Filipino boy was awarded this year’s International Children’s Peace Prize in a glittering ceremony held at Ridderzaal in The Hague, Netherlands on September 19.


He is Cris “Kesz” Valdez, 13,  from Cavite who gained recognition for initiating an organization called “Caring Children” at a very young age of 7. Kesz, who was once a victim of abuse being left to scavenge on the streets at the age of two, goes to underprivileged communities together with his friends to teach children about hygiene, food and children’s rights.

Valdez was chosen from three  nominees  for the work of his “Championing Community Children” charity which raises funds to hand out gift parcels to needy children in Cavite City. Kesz received a 100,000 euro ($130,000) prize.

“My message to all children around the globe is; our health is our wealth! Being healthy will enable you to play, to think clearly, to get up and go to school and love the people around you in so many ways. To everyone in the world, please remember that every day, 6,000 children die from diseases associated with poor sanitation, poor hygiene, and we can do something about it! Please join me in helping street children achieve better health and better lives.” – Kesz Valdez

Watch the video below to know more about Kesz Valdez and why he won the said prestigious award:

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