No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Nowadays some companies issues a term life insurance policy without any requirement for a medical exam. So if you’re asking if it is possible to get a term life insurance policy without subjecting yourself to medical exams or tests, the answer is YES. Typically, these companies will just ask questions about your lifestyle and some medical history as part of your application process. The company will then set your premium rate based on your responses to these questions.

But not having to undergo a medical exam should never be viewed as a way to get coverage by failing to disclose a known health problem. If an applicant provides false or incomplete health information on the application, his/her life insurance policy may be voided.

So if you hate doctors or blood tests but you need life insurance, don’t worry, you can still qualify for a term life insurance policy. With  term insurance no medical exam, simply answer a few health questions to see if you qualify for best rates.

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