The day after Christmas

A day after Christmas I saw my daughter counting the money she received from her ninong, ninang and other relatives. I didn’t ask her what she’s gonna do with her money because I know even before Christmas day she’s already eyeing on Vans shoes and on kelty backpacks at Actually she has several items on her wish list but those are the two major things that she really liked.

Anyway, one thing I didn’t forget to tell my daughter is to set aside the tenth of her money before spending all of them. I always tell my kids that every blessings we receive and enjoy comes from God and we should not forget to give back what is due to Him. It’s a sacrifice and an act of worship at the same time. And because she understand what I mean she immediately follow. I also tell them to keep in mind and heart what the Bible says:

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.- Psalm 37:4

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