How to Keep Kids Entertained: Fun Alternatives to Watching Television

The television has become a great tool for entertainment in the modern age. However child experts advise limiting TV time with children, especially those under the age of five. While it seems like a practical way to entertain kids (and the easiest way, I might add) when you are preparing dinner or need to relax and read a book in peace, you shouldn’t rely on it all the time and make it a habit. Research shows that too much TV-watching can actually restrict and hinder your child’s imaginative and cognitive abilities.

Here are some fun ways to keep children off the TV set and still be able to entertain them at the same time, without stressing you out.

  1. Play pretend. Never underestimate the power of make believe. Not only will it let your child use his imagination, research shows that imaginative kids are happier kids.
  2. Let them help. If you are cooking, let them help in the kitchen. Make them your chef assistant. If you are cleaning the room, let them do the dusting or have them pick up things on the floor.
  3. Do storytelling. Telling stories is magical for a child’s language development. It helps them organize their thoughts, learn vocabulary and if you let them tell their own stories, can help boost their self-esteem tremendously. When telling a story, your child will love hearing a character that resembles him!

A parent shared that when her daughter insists on watching TV, she would suggest that they make a movie using their video camera and that her daughter star on it. It helped her daughter be confident in performing and enhance her language skills tremendously.

Be imaginative. Remember, our parents’ parents survived everyday life without the television set. We can, too.

Agatha is a freelance writer who enjoys digital scrapbooking and photography.  She currently writes about gulvafslibning and shares more information about floor sanding.


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