The demand for veterinary care services

The demand for veterinary assistant jobs in US is growing due to an increase in the average number of household pets in America. Guess what? statistics reveals that Americans spend close to$10 Billion on veterinary care for their pets every year. That’s how Americans care and love their pets. And because of the projected increase veterinary assistant jobs, many are taking up special courses and trainings on veterinary technician schools.

As of now, there’s already a shortage of these professionals in US. So if you are looking for a new career why not consider becoming a veterinary assistant? If you’re thinking what the responsibilities of veterinary assistant are, here are they:

1. Support veterinarians in treating animals in the clinical setting. They prepare the room for examination of animals; restrains animals during examination, treatment, or inoculation.
2. Ensures that all equipments and materials, needed by the veterinarian are available
3. Conducts initial assessment and examination of the animal’s condition.
4. Administers injections, performs venipunctures, applies wound dressings, cleans teeth, and takes vital signs of animal.
5. Administrative duties often involve inventory – inventory of medicines, apparatus, daily needs, and many more – keeping a record of all client visits, consultations and treatments, taking care of equipment and ensuring that they are all working properly, and attending to calls and scheduling.

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