How To Slip Vegetables Into Your Child’s Diet

Is this your problem?┬áDon’t worry. There is something you can do: trick them. Following are some ways i researched on how to slip vegetables into food so that they will be virtually undetectable.


Strain them yourself by boiling vegetables, putting them in the blender and pureeing them, then straining again. You can also keep it simple and just buy small, single-vegetable baby food jars, such as spinach, beets, green beans, squash, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, etc. Then covertly slip them into a number of places:

– Mix beets or carrots with pasta or pizza sauce, then add a bit more spices.

– Blend just about any strained veggies with ketchup; it masks the smell and the taste well.

– Use food flavor injectors to add carrots or beets to bit-size pizza rolls or pocket sandwiches. A little dab here and there will do you.

– Mix butternut squash in with mashed potatoes. The color is light enough that they’ll never know.

– Mix broccoli or peas into chop meat when making hamburgers. You can get half a jar into a hamburger, then bake it. With condiments, the flavor is virtually undetectable.

– Mix squash or sweet potatoes with apple sauce. Blend it well. The colors will be similar, and both vegetables are sweet enough not to sour the applesauce.

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