Effects of too much sun exposure

I have freckles in my right cheek which I got from too much sun exposure during our high school days. In our school we are required to take CAT or citizen’s army training. Everyday we have to fall in line and stand for an hour under the scourging heat of the sun. I really hate that subject!

I have tried different facial creams and astringents to remove the freckles but they only lightens, and whenever I stopped applying the lightening creams they just go back to its original state. What I’m looking for is a permanent solution because I don’t want to be dependent on creams and chemical peel solutions forever.

Anyway, similar to freckles the next problem that we have to deal with is age spots. I read that development of age spots becomes common at around 40 years old, most often they are found in the areas where there is a high exposure to sunlight like on the back of the hands, forearms, shoulders, face and forehead. As we age our skin seems to tear or bruise easier and this natural aging condition causes our skin cells to become more susceptible to ultraviolet light.

Now that I’m getting older, I’m more prone to having age spots. I’m just thankful that I’m working in the office and not in the field.

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