Sowing and Reaping

My 14 year old daughter has changed a lot when it comes to her taste in clothing, before she used to wear hip hop clothes, simple shirts and shorts. But now she chooses fashionable and trendy girly clothes. Her taste in shoes also changed, from Converse rubber shoes to doll shoes. I remember when I was on her age I also experienced the same.  I remember how my mother had a hard time going with me in the shopping mall. She really gets tired everytime we shop because we tour and scour the entire mall just to find the clothes that I really like.

And now I experience the same with my daughter, but my experience is more difficult than my mother’s because my daughter is really big and most of the time we find it hard to find the clothes that would fit her size. Well, now I believe in the saying that you will reap what you sow..hehe ^-^

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