How to apply for SSS disability benefit

I was able to avail my social security disability benefits from SSS Philippines, thanks to a friend who guided me in my application. I was given a 48-month partial disability pension for the loss of my right leg. I’m really thankful I learned about the social security disability benefit from SSS, it’ s a great help for me and my family. I used the money as down payment for housing loan.

The Philippine Social Security System pays benefits for partial and total disabilities. A worker with 36 or more monthly contributions is eligible for monthly disability benefits. Those who have a lower number of contributions will receive a lump sum disability payment.

To apply for SSS disability benefit prepare the following papers:
• Disability Claim Application (SSS Form DDR-1);
• Medical Certificate (SSS Form MMD-102)
• Other documents that may be required to support the disability claim such as clinical and laboratory tests results, x-ray; and hospital records.
• SSS digitized ID or E-6 (acknowledgement stub) with two valid IDs, one of which with recent photo.

And then bring these papers to the nearest SSS office.

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