Electronic Cigarette

My friend is trying to quit her smoking habit, though she’s trying so hard not to give in everytime she feels the urge, still she can’t fight it. One day while we’re strolling at the mall we came across an e cigarette stall and she told me that since she cannot quit smoking she’s thinking of trying the e cigarette instead.

What is e cigarette? The e cigarette or electronic cigarette is the newest alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are cigarette-shaped devices that do not require a flame. It is comprised of the electronic cigarette battery, electronic cigarette atomizer, and electronic cigarette atomizer. How does it work? A micro chip in the e cigarette battery is activated when the smoker inhales thus you can use the electronic cigarette just as you are using an actual cigarette. You can inhale and exhale like an actual cigarette but what is inhaled is not smoke like a cigarette, but only a water vapor mist from the electronic cigarette that looks like smoke.

It contains nicotine, the only chemical that users inhale, allowing them to satisfy their cravings while avoiding most of the health risks of smoking.

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