Tanning lotion

While most Filipinos use whitening lotion and other products to whiten skin or maintain fair skin, westerners on the other hand use tanning lotions to get tan or darker skin. What are tanning lotions? Tanning lotions speeds up the process of tanning or it enhances the tone of natural tan so for those who want to spend less time on tanning using it is a great option.

Are there other benefits of tanning lotions? Well of course, it reduces the risk of sun damage and protects the skin from the harmful effects of tanning. When you use tanning lotion it lowers your risk of having skin cancer and decreased aging effects. Aside from that tanning lotions also have moisturizing effects which improves the all-over appearance and health of the skin. However, there is a proper way of applying the tanning lotion so you should the right tanning process. Also, there are different kinds of tanning lotion so be sure to get the right kind for your skin tone.

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