Maria Aragon- You Tube’s new singing sensation caught Lady Gaga’s attention

Above is the video of  Maria Aragon, a 10-year old Canadian-Filipina who’s making noise at the internet and music industry based on reports.

Maria is based in Winnipeg, Canada. According to her You Tube page (@rojuanearagon), both her parents are Filipinos. However she was born in Canada.

Since it caught Lady Gaga’s attention on the evening of February 17, Maria’s video has more than a million viewers now. Lady Gaga happens to view Maria’s performance of the popular singer’s latest song, “Born This Way.”

With this, Lady Gaga wrote on her twitter account (@ladygaga) these words, “Can’t stop crying watching this. This why I make music. She is the future.”

Included in her tweet was Lady Gaga’s link of Maria’s video. Lady Gaga has more than eight million followers on twitter, so the tweet about it has spread like a wildfire at the internet.
You Tube enthusiasts have all phrases for the nice voice of Maria plus her talent in playing the piano. Many are saying that this is a good opportunity for Maria to be known and become popular through Lady Gaga.

The record of the video-sharing website shows Maria’ own interpretation of Lady Gaga’s , “Born This Way” continues to gain more and more viewership. It is now no. 1 in the most viewed (Today)-Canada category and no.2 in the most viewed (Today)-musicians.

It is worthwhile to note that it was at You Tube that the teen sensation, Justin Bieber was discovered in 2008.


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