Conventional medicine and natural remedies combined

I have learned that I have allergic pharyngitis after my medical check up last Saturday. I was forced to see a doctor because of my persistent cough for almost 3 weeks now. It is very irritating and annoying, it disrupts my sleep at night and it’s adding more stress to me giving me dark eye circles and wrinkles. Hayy I don’t want to come to a point that I’ll be looking for the best wrinkle cream just to eliminate this wrinkles brought by this ailment.

Anyway, aside from the medicines I’m also taking ginger tea and calamansi juice. This morning I read from another blog that malunggay tea is also effective in treating cough so tonight I will ask my husband to get malunggay leaves to make malunggay tea. Now that i have combined conventional medicine and natural remedies to treat this allergy, i’m looking forward to a cough- free day soon!

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