Ways to Prevent or Minimize Diaper Rash

Having diaper rash is normal in babies and toddlers and is generally caused by the constant wetting and drying of ultra sensitive skin and exposure to chemicals and moisture of urine and stools. No matter how you keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry, they will likely develop a diaper rash at some point.

How to avoid diaper rashes?

Always keep the skin dry. As quickly as possible change wet diapers. ┬áLimit your baby’s bottom exposure to irritants such as soap. Use mild soap to launder cloth diapers and rinse well. ┬áDo not use wipes containing alcohol when cleaning the infant to avoid irritation. If possible, let your baby’s bottom more time in the open air, reduce the use of diapers. Try switching the type of diapers you are using if your baby is having a recurring problem with diaper rash.

Other ways to help reduce friction and protect the baby’s skin from irritation is to use ointments or creams. Others use powders such as cornstarch or talc but they should be used cautiously, as they may cause lung injury when inhaled by the infant.

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