Pinoy Recipe – Shrimp Tempura

Shrimp tempura is originally a Japanese recipe, but as you know, the Filipinos like to embrace good food especially from other countries, so shrimp tempura has become a very popular dish in the Philippines. Visit for more mouth watering Pinoy recipe. You will see shrimp tempura being served as an appetizer during parties, special occasions, or even just a simple family dinner. Shrimp is quite expensive especially the bigger ones, that is why not everybody is able to cook it as often as they want. If you are having a party and you serve this on the table, I am pretty sure that this will not last very long. Shrimp tempura is best when served just after frying. When the batter is seasoned properly, it can be really good even without a dipping sauce. Nunnie ate this without the dipping sauce. And as for the seasoning, you can season this according to your preference. We just used salt and pepper, but if you want, you can add some more to it. Though I suggest you be careful when adding some other seasoning because you dont want to lose the natural flavor of the shrimp. For the health conscious individual or those who are on a special diet like me (yes, my doctor put me on a special diet because my sugar is quite high), you dont really have to deep fry this. In fact, you can broil this in the oven for a few minutes and still get the same crunchy effect just like when you deep fry it. I should have done that in the video, but I didnt. I am pretty sure my

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