Pinoy Recipe – Pork Giniling

This is my first time cooking pork giniling since I got here last December 2008. Visit for more mouth watering Pinoy recipe. I literally forgot about this recipe. I was just browsing through my fridge , trying to think what I’m going to cook for Nunnie when I saw that I have some potatoes, ground pork, and some spaghetti sauce. I have never cooked this for him so I was not really sure if he is going to like it or not. This pinoy recipe of pork giniling is usually what we had in the Philippines especially when our budget is a little too tight but at the same time we wanted to eat something good other than tuyo or bagoong. Pork giniling is an appetizer for me. I would cook a lot of rice if I will be cooking this particular dish one more time. It just go really well with rice. And then you will eat this without using spoon and fork, yummy! That’s what I miss about being in the Philippines. You can eat with your bare hands without being disgusting. But Nunnie ate this with bread and butter. That’s a little weird for me, but it doesn’t matter now. I am just so glad that he likes it. He said that I can cook this again anytime I want. So this is definitely a success. And I am also glad that he doesn’t mind if I ate without spoon and fork. But anyway, pork giniling is really a very popular dish that I missed so much. I was so glad I remember to cook it here. I think you can also substitute pork with ground beef. I might try that next time and we’ll see which

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