Pinoy Recipe – Homemade Fishball

Fishball is one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines. Visit for more mouth watering Pinoy recipe. You will see vendors with rolling cart selling this almost everywhere. Its relatively cheap and tasty thats why most people like it. Everybody likes it (that includes me). It doesnt matter whether you are rich or poor. I am pretty sure 100% of the Filipinos who grew up in the Philippines have tried fishball. And for those who are not in the Philippines, I am sure they miss it. And that is why Nunnie and I are sharing this pinoy recipe of fishball to everybody. The kind of fishball that you can buy on the streets is pretty bland. What makes it really tasty is the sauce. Without the sauce, then its no good. How to make the kind of sauce that those vendors use is still pretty much a mystery for me. I have tried different recipes for the sauce, but still couldnt figure out the right one. But anyway, this kind of fishball that we made at home is already good even without the sauce. Another difference that you can see if you have had fishball before is the visible chunks of vegetables that we put into the mixture. I was going to blend it all together but decided not to because I realized that I was not trying to imitate the kind of fishball that is being sold on the streets. This pinoy recipe of fishball is way much better. I say much better because I seasoned it according to my preference and I am pretty sure that its clean. You can use the

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