Beauty Tips for New Year’s Resolution

Hi! These are just some general beauty and health tips, and I hope it’s helpful to all of you! 1) Wash hair less, ideally every other day to preserve the natural essential oils. 2) Drink 8 glasses of water everyday during the day, especially between 2pm to 5pm, and less during the night to prevent water retention the next day. 3) Pick and choose what to eat, so you don’t overload on junk and unhealthy foods. 4) Sleep earlier. 5) Develop a daily routinue and stick to it so your body gets in sync. 6) exercise 7) Wear so makeup for one day of the week to allow skin to breath. 8) park farther so you get a chance to walk and exercise. 9) eat less food 4 hours before sleeping to slow your body down. 10) have breakfast to kick start your metabolism and be healthy. 11) remove makeup everyday no matter how tired or late it is. 12) take vitamin B before drinking alcohol to protect your body. 13) take biotin if you want to grow your hair or nails out. 14) blast your hair with the cool air setting to seal hair cuticles, and try to use a heat protectant. 15) eat the skin of the veggies and fruits to obtain the max nutrients. 16) try NOT to pop your pimples. 17) think positive. 18) wash your hands often and for at least 20 secs 19) cough and sneeze into the bend of your arm 20) be happy! Thanks guys, and I hope you can all reach your new year’s resolution!

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