swtsmillez: accessories & tofebruary (haul and review)

www.tofebruary.com www.tofebruary.com have questions about tofebruary??! message them at their youtube channel www.youtube.com contacts circle lenses ck105 lenscircle.com this website is soo my style i just wanted to share some tips and info with you guys! go check out that website! you won’t regret! swtsmillez-swtsmillez.blogspot.com twitter.com add me on facebook www.facebook.com MUSIC lessang- man who can’t break up blue sorbet- satisfy me freestyle-words i say in my heart #52 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style – Canada #99 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style #48 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style – South Korea

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25 Responses to “swtsmillez: accessories & tofebruary (haul and review)”

  1. BosnianBurek says:

    Thanks for the site! Its has really cute things.

  2. mustkillsakura says:

    Wow I totally agree that accessories can really do a lot for an outfit, especially just plain clothing like jeans and a tee.
    Thanks for al the great advice! 😛


    Thanks for sharing its very cute.

  4. mjk2492 says:

    aw i want to see your old pictures on the wall 🙂

  5. mlmelinc says:

    I LOVE your earings! Where did you get them??

  6. swtsmillez says:

    my cousin made it for me! she copied this channel earringg!

  7. swtsmillez says:

    haha maybe i will show them later

  8. swtsmillez says:

    my cousin made it for me! 🙂

  9. swtsmillez says:

    you should contact the website! ask them when they get more shippement!

  10. SUSHiFL0WER says:

    i have the same circle lenses as you xDD
    and i love yur earrings!

  11. naryou says:

    i love yur eyez!!!

  12. jolynvo417 says:

    so pretty. you have a perfect lips.

  13. amygdala says:

    I love accessories from asia!

  14. hyungjoo87 says:

    i get my clothes and accessories from korea too >;D I absolutely adore your earring tho xD

  15. justjeijj says:

    There’s a Forever 21 in your town? We don’t have one in our area and I love their clothes. Is it in Destin? Anyhoo, I just bought that crown cellcharmie you had and a bunny clip lol. Thanks for sharing such an awesome shop.

  16. swtsmillez says:

    no there is one in tallahassee! lols suckkk but i will be going back to school next semester to tally

  17. justjeijj says:

    Aww. Lucky ducky! I’m stuck to shopping online I guess. Can’t wait til I go to college-_____-

  18. xbbyspankiee says:

    Wow, you’re so pretty! ^____<
    moohaha i like the raincloud necklace & the pearly cluster one~

  19. maryclaudinex3 says:

    pretty [:

  20. vishuz123 says:

    Everything is sooo cute on this website! Where did you get your ring?

  21. cerinebabyy says:

    you’re soo pretty!
    and i love your new intro song.
    i’ve been listening to it on replay
    and i don’t even understand
    a word of it =)

  22. SiLeNtLvEdREAMER says:

    i love your earrings that you have on!! there are so pretty(:

    i’m all about accessories! i would freak out if i didn’t have any earrings or a necklace on me xP

  23. MaryKAiTLYN427 says:

    Girl, I loove your style! we would get along great! I love the idea of making that phone charm into a necklace but now its sold out lol. Two thumbs up for church btw!

  24. aznpridebuhhd says:

    I love the earrings you’re wearing! Where’d you get them?

  25. emiko21 says:

    gosh, elisa i am sooo thankful 🙂 i visited this site and (thanks to you ^^) i am in TOTALLY LOVE with it 🙂 the accessories and clothes are just sooo sweet ^^ thx thx THX 🙂