smokey purple Using CS 88 eyeshadow palette

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25 Responses to “smokey purple Using CS 88 eyeshadow palette”

  1. NeverKnowNothing says:

    Which eyeliner did you use on your waterline? 🙂

  2. qlaudhya says:

    I used Urban Decay 24/7 the color is called “Zero”

  3. basketball23324e says:

    i want to buy this pallet but im scared its not what everyone says. what do you think about it

  4. qlaudhya says:

    Well I really like this palette, and I use it very often.
    Something you need to know is that the size of each eyeshadow is pretty small, but to me it was worth it, and the shadows are very pigmented.

  5. LenaKemp says:

    is this purple color like taupe?

  6. byd09 says:

    i love the look but what it’s ( NYX )

  7. qlaudhya says:

    Hi, NYX is a cosmetics brand

  8. MsDANISSA says:

    hola me gusto este look ahumado en morado y la verdad q me encanta el morado por eso lo busq, habian otros de otraspersonas pero este me gusto mas q los otros soy de Chile por cierto y bueno q estes bien y continua adios

  9. MsDANISSA says:

    me gusto mas este look ahumado q otros q e visto aparte q me encanta ese color, soy de Chile y como te escribo este es muxo mas sutil q otros q estes bien cuidate adios

  10. TheFashionableMe says:

    i love this look 🙂

  11. byd09 says:

    where i can buy those cosmetics (NYX)

  12. qlaudhya says:

    Hola, muchas gracias por ver y por tu lindo comentario, que bueno saber que te agrado =)
    Que tengas un lindo fin de semana.

  13. qlaudhya says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked it =)

  14. qlaudhya says:

    You can buy NYX online at their website ( nyxcosmetics. com) at cherryculture. com and maybe at your local beauty supply.

  15. Marissawv1978 says:

    I am getting a 88 pallete this coming week and cant wait to try my shadows along with my nyx’s you can get them on ebay cheap!

  16. Bettybcafe says:

    Wow. what a beautiful look. Why dont you smile a little more in the still pictures?

  17. qlaudhya says:

    Thanks I’m glad you liked the look!!! and about your question, well I’m just being myself, and that’s how I am lol.

  18. qlaudhya says:

    Let me know if you do one of my looks, and thanks for the tip, I’m gonna have to check that out.
    Have a nice weekend =)

  19. Marissawv1978 says:

    Yvw…Im not that good with makeup I kinda look funny and miss my long hair!! I guess thats why I dont look that good anymore.

  20. paprica1 says:

    que linda cancion para ambientar tu look

  21. PinketteNinjax91 says:

    my graduation dress is purple so this look matched perfectly everyone kept asking me who did it for me and they didn’t believe that i just followed a video to do this look thank you a lot 🙂

  22. qlaudhya says:

    @PinketteNinjax91 Wow thank you honey, I’m really glad you liked it and that it was easy for you to follow.
    Kisses xoxo

  23. RuiCarinhoso says:

    Olá. You have bueatifull eyes.

  24. zexycutiepie411 says:

    very pretty!!! Do you have to use the nyx jumbo pencil?? can I apply any cream shadow??

  25. qlaudhya says:

    @zexycutiepie411 No, you don’t have to, I just used it to intensify the eyeshadow color, but you can also use a cream eyeshadow as you said.