Pinoy Recipe – Spaghetti With Carbonara Sauce Filipino Style Part 2 of 2

This particular pinoy recipe, which I learned from Ate Malou, is very rich and delicious. Visit for more mouth watering Pinoy recipe. This is not your ordinary Italian carbonara sauce. I know that carbonara sauce originates from Italy, but this one is way better. I say that this is a pinoy recipe not only because I learned this from the Philippines, but also is very different from the Italian style. This is different from the way they do it and most of all, the ingredients. I personally havent tried the Italian style yet, but I could say just by looking at the ingredients that this pinoy recipe of carbonara sauce taste a lot lot better. I could be wrong though. I might try the Italian style next time just to see. But anyway, this pinoy recipe of carbonara sauce is perfect for special occasions or even just for simple gatherings. Every time I get invited to a party, this recipe has been the most requested food for me to bring. So, I can say its really good. My husband, once again, likes it a lot. He never had this until I came here and cook it for him, and he was very impressed, and of course, I was very glad that he likes it. I cant really tell which is the key ingredient to this recipe. Its not only the bacon, heavy whipping cream, or the cheese. I think its the combination of all. And the combination of the ingredients makes it perfect. There was one time that I forgot to put the cheese. It still turned out good though, but not as good as what I

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