Pinoy Recipe – Pork Barbecue Filipino Style

Do you miss the street foods in the Philippines? How does isaw and bitukang manok sound right now? Visit for more mouth watering Pinoy recipe. Well if you are like me who are craving for those foods, then you might wanna try this Filipino Style Pork Barbecue that we just made. I am telling you, this recipe is just so Pinoy na Pinoy, what else can I say? Me and Nunnie love it. And we had fun making it. I got this particular barbecue recipe from our neighbor when I was still in Pasig. They would sell different kinds of barbecue on the streets of Pasig every afternoon until it gets dark because that’s when most working people get off from work and those who do not have time to cook or those who don’t want to cook will just buy something to take home for dinner, which I think is pretty common and convenient. I did that too when I was still working. If you are like me who likes barbecue, especially the Filipino style, then this is for you. I just wish I have the time to set the grill every day. I don’t want to use the oven because it won’t give the smoky flavor that the smoker or the grill gives to the meat. When I first made this recipe, Nunnie couldn’t believe that I was adding Sprite or 7-Up on the marinade. I guess it’s just not that common here in the US. Again, that’s one characteristic of being Pinoy. We are adventurous when it comes to cooking. We are not afraid to use things that other people from other countries won’t even think of using when it

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