Pinoy Recipe – Lechon Manok ( Rotisserie Chicken Filipino Style )

Lechon manok is my all time favorite dish. The combination of the seasonings I used on this recipe is just perfect for me. I would never change it one bit. Visit for more mouth watering Pinoy recipes. The only thing I would like to change is the baking part. I would prefer to grill this chicken using a smoker, but unfortunately, we don’t have it yet. For some reason, the smoke from charcoal really adds flavor to almost anything. But anyway, I can still get the result that I want using my oven. This chicken came out crispy on the outside and very juicy on the inside. Just like how I want it to be. And though it takes some time to marinate it and bake it, it is still pretty easy to make. You can even marinate it today and bake it the next day. That’s even better. Lechon manok is very popular in the Philippines. I lived in Pasig for quite awhile and if you go to the heart of the city, you will see lechon manok being sold everywhere. And not just in Pasig, but everywhere. I really love cooking, but I never had my own kitchen before so I wasn’t able to cook it for myself or for anybody. I would just buy a portion of lechon manok from Andok’s or Baliwag for my lunch or dinner. A little expensive for me but its worth it. This particular chicken recipe is mostly present during special occasions like New Year’s Eve, birthdays, weddings, family reunions, etc. And based from my own observation, once lechon manok is served on the table, it won’t last long

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