Pinoy Recipe – Beef Caldereta (Filipino Beef Stew)

Beef caldereta is a very popular Filipino dish. Visit for more mouth watering Pinoy recipe. I have heard some of my friends saying that they like “my” caldereta. I want to mention my dear friend Alex specifically. She is the reason why I made this video recipe. Alex vakla! This Pinoy recipe of caldereta is dedicated for you. I hope you like it. But anyway, beef caldereta is a Pinoy recipe that is very easy to make but takes quite some time. When I was in the Philippines, my average cooking time to make this is 2 to 3 hours. And again everybody has their own recipe for this particular dish. Most people will put some vegetables in it like potatoes and carrots, but I don’t. If I want some potatoes, I would cook it separately and serve it on the side. But anyway, you can put vegetables if you want to. I am pretty sure it will turn out to be delicious. One very important ingredient on this Pinoy recipe is the liver spread. I used the Reno brand when I was still in the Philippines but I couldn’t find it here. So I used the liver pate that was available at the Asian grocery store. You can also use homemade chicken liver if you have chicken liver. Just boil it in water, drain the water, and then crush it. And speaking of homemade, you can make everything homemade. I got that tip from Mama. Please check out http for more information about making everything homemade. As for the meat, you can use goat meat or chicken. I don’t know if you can use pork but you

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