Nestle Philippines: Nestle D’Lite Cream Recipes – Pan-Fried Dory with Asparagus Cream Sauce

PAN-FRIED DORY WITH ASPARAGUS CREAM SAUCE INGREDIENTS One half kgcream dory fillets 1 cupflour 1 8g sachetMAGGI MAGIC SARAP salt and pepper to taste oil for frying 2 tbspbutter 2 tbspflour 1 packNESTLE DLITE CREAM 1 cupblanched and sliced asparagus PROCEDURE 1.Combine flour with MAGGI MAGIC SARAP, salt and pepper. Dredge fish fillet in seasoned flour. 2.Pan-fry prepared fish fillet in hot oil until golden brown. Transfer onto a plate, using paper towels to drain excess oil. 3.In a pan, heat butter. Add flour and stir to make a roux. Pour in NESTLE DLITE CREAM and stir until desired thickness is achieved. Add asparagus and remove from heat. Transfer onto a blender and process until smooth. To serve, pour on top of prepared fish. http

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