Modeling vlog2

Test shoot for some beauty shots. I needed new pictures for my comp card. Sorry for lack of vids, just came back from Mexico and i’m sick too 🙁 See you all very soon! Cynthia #79 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style – Hong Kong #75 – Most Viewed (Today) – Howto & Style – Hong Kong

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25 Responses to “Modeling vlog2”

  1. rockstaretta says:

    you look a lot like Lisa Ling!

  2. seoulaw says:

    Supercute video. You are gorgeous! Can you tell me where the gold chain link necklace with the oversize roses is from? Random…I know!

  3. theshion005 says:

    Love your channel. Anyone ever tell you that you look a bit like Maggie Q ?

  4. blushngloss4ever says:

    u look like maggie q and a little bit of miriam quiambao, the ms. universe 1st runner up ’99

  5. quiambaor says:

    so pretty!

  6. iceflurrie says:

    this was fun to watch 🙂 you should do more of these modeling vlogs!

  7. sweetncutehonesty says:

    what song is this ?

  8. bubblegarms says:

    u look amazing! x

  9. JoelenX says:

    wut song is this

  10. IlaMoua says:

    Knock you down – Keri hilson

  11. IlaMoua says:

    Knock you down – Keri hilson

  12. littomika says:

    ^o^ this video was so fun to watch! you and your hubby are ultra cute!!! you looked gorgeous

  13. romina1986 says:

    You’re stunning!! And you and your hubby are so cute together <3

  14. jennieisbetter says:

    youre 22???

    you look at least 28

    i was going to say you look like maggie q too. thats what i first thought when i saw you on your blog first lol

  15. izzynhp says:

    oh my gosh!! paul morgan, no? im watching your videos and i model in dallas too… so weird-small world.

  16. mrscookie79 says:


  17. actionsspeaklouder6 says:

    what to you model for? Beauty or clothing or what?
    You’re so pretty!

  18. rillo100 says:

    How tall are you ?(:

  19. LilPrinces5 says:

    wow cool can u do more of these type video 😀

  20. balletviolin10812 says:

    @rillo100 in one vid (the ‘how i got into modeling’ vid) she said she was 5′ 8, i think

  21. nancyjiakacupcake says:

    was the guy who was holding the camcorder, ur husband?

  22. kstelin says:

    I would love to see more of these type of videos 🙂 I’m a fashion communication student (styling, photography, etc) and I do a lot of test shoots and I can tell u right now, if you’re in Singapore or Indonesia (I’m Indonesian-Chinese, but I am studying in Singapore), I would hire you in a heartbeat 🙂 I love how you don’t do too much with your expression, everything just comes so natural and it shows 🙂

    Much love!

  23. luvideochantale says:

    @rillo100 i wanna know too..

  24. pinklizted says:

    you look like Miriam Quiambao. 🙂 pretty.

  25. vanderwoodsen90 says:

    omg she’s married?? she looks so young!!!!!!!