IT Jobs

Information Technology or IT jobs have been the hottest jobs in the 3rd and early 4th quarter of the decade and are seen to continue to be among the top careers for the coming year, despite the recent layoffs and hiring freezes from 2010.  Among the IT jobs that more and more people go into are software development and engineering, software testing, technical writing, and system analysis but David Foote, CEO of IT workforce analyst firm Foote Partners say that the IT Jobs demand for 2011 will come from skills like finance, architecture and social media and not from fundamental IT operations. Nonetheless, whichever IT job you wish to enter, it is essential that you know the primary responsibilities and skill requirement for the job.

Information technology uses both telecommunication and computers in the acquisition and rendering of information. Thus, people who work in the IT industry are professionals skilled in computers, programming and technology. Information technology engineers (the most identified IT job), for example, work on both hardware and software needed in creating computer systems. Among the well-known IT jobs or titles are IT consultants, network administrators and database specialists. Common duties performed by IT professionals include data management, networking, system management and incorporation of other technologies such as televisions and mobile phones- the duties depending on their areas of discipline.

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