Christmas list

In my other blog I wrote about my kids’ Christmas wish list, they want psp and keyboard/organ. Well just like them I also have my Christmas wish list. I have listed a couple of items and in my list the two things that I really like to have is either an iphone 4 or a macbook. However, right now it’s impossible for me to have an iphone 4 or a macbook because I have no budget for these expensive items.

Anyway, hopefully i can find discount laptop computers at a local store here so I could buy my much needed laptop even if it’s not a macbook. Since I’m an active blogger, I really need it especially when I attend a blogging event and I need to post or update my online status immediately. As for the cellphone, i heard one of the prizes in our Christmas party raffle is a Nokia C6, so I just hope I’ll win and get it.

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