Beauty Talk

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16 Responses to “Beauty Talk”

  1. DisturbiaLa3 says:

    @TruthFan I honestly don’t give a fuck :-/

  2. laffytaffy82 says:

    Please use liner on your lips! it would look so much better

  3. teawilli says:

    What color are you in MAC makeup? your complexion is gorgeous.
    Thanks! xoxo!

  4. kboug22 says:

    do you change back from your tinted moisturizer back to foundation in the colder weather?

  5. Surejo100 says:

    Nice Channel!! Just Subscribed 🙂

  6. Surejo100 says:

    Nice Channel!!, Just Subscribed 🙂

  7. snicky82 says:

    WOW!!! These comments are crazy!!! You have alot of haters that like to watch your videos and i see its a constant issue with your hair and nationality for some reason idk how you can say her hair is fake? how would you know? if she says its her’s take it for what it is and why does her nationality matter anyways dag hop off!!!!

  8. IServeOnly1 says:

    haha i love walking around in drugstores too tanesha. I have to slap my hands sometimes bc i want to go crazy in there!! lol

  9. xxtaylorlaurenxx says:

    why do you have white out on your lips?? wipe that sh*t off…

  10. lookatdadamage94 says:

    @xxtaylorlaurenxx its not white its light pink lol

  11. jah1stLady says:

    what does the tattoo on your shoulder say?

  12. CornBread131 says:

    @snicky82 Exactly! Jealousy and insecurity. If they don’t like her, then why watch?! lol

  13. snicky82 says:

    EXACTLY!!!! @ natacheen people are just ignorant its just so sad

  14. TeAmo1398 says:

    i love your hair color.whats the name of the color;if you dont mind me asking.
    nd omg we have the same house phone ahah how funny lol(:

  15. jesussaves36 says:

    @Azzy09 no not true, i am a RN and i where polished nails all the time and fake nails they just force the use of gloves on us a little more

  16. jesussaves36 says:

    girl you got these people angry at you because you are a beautiful jamacian woman whats the rap verse….”if they hate than let them hate and watch the money pile up”…loll go head and do you tanesha