Another look from a CS palette

I’m sorry this video looks blurry but I wanted to post it anyway so you can try the look, I think it’s worth it. Siento mucho que el video se vea borroso, pero queri ponerlo de todas maneras para que intenten el look, yo creo que vale la pena. #41 – Most Discussed (This Month) – Howto & Style – Mexico #70 – Most Viewed (This Month) – Howto & Style – Mexico #12 – Top Favorited (This Month) – Howto & Style – Mexico #10 – Top Rated (This Month) – Howto & Style – Mexico

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25 Responses to “Another look from a CS palette”

  1. lindashg says:

    Muchas gracias!!! Ɯ keep it up!!

  2. odrisck says:

    beautiful look!

  3. lyna0628 says:

    me gusto muchicimo !! voy a tratarlo gracias

  4. qlaudhya says:

    OMG Thanks for commenting, I’m so glad you took the time to watch my video.
    Have a Happy 2009 ?

  5. qlaudhya says:

    Que bueno saber que te gusto, ojala lo trates y me dejas saber como te quedo šŸ˜‰

  6. rebeccafaraci says:

    nice eyebrows šŸ˜€

  7. vivacious1083 says:

    Muy bonita. Me gusta mucho!

  8. qlaudhya says:

    Gracias, aprecio mucho tu comentario šŸ˜‰

  9. kewlasacucumber says:

    How did you get such a good shape on ur brows?
    I love this look, but i have a lot of space above my crease to the brow bone, any advice, like do i bring the lower lid colour higher up or bing the dark crease higher up, when i do it it looks very heavy i think?
    God Bless

  10. qlaudhya says:

    Well first of all, thanks for watching and commenting.
    Ok I’m not a makeup artist, but I would say that you are right trying to make your crease a little bit higher, other thing that should work is to use matte and not so white eyeshadow on your brow bone, remember that this is to highlight this area and shimmery and light colors make it appears bigger and prominent .

  11. vickyrodriguez says:

    quien canta esta cancion???

  12. dddammitman says:

    ayyy me encanto el look! lo voy a tratar el sabado cuando salga al antro! jaja

  13. qlaudhya says:

    que bueno que te gusto, luego me platicas como te quedo šŸ˜‰

  14. scosita says:

    es lindo ese look felicidades saludos desde mexico

  15. qlaudhya says:

    Muchas gracias por comentar y saludos para ti tambien y todo mi Mexico querido xoxoxoxo ?

  16. sweetflores01 says:

    hola me gusta mucho estw look
    me parece ke lo voy a tratar…
    ke parte de mexico eres??

  17. MARIKATI08 says:

    vilama palma e vampiros: la panchanga… no es genial?

  18. orchid2550 says:

    Hello beautiful. I am enjoying watching your videos this weekend! This is another great look! Which CS palette do you use, the matte or shimmer one? I’d like to order one, but hesitate which one. Or should I get both? LOL I love the way you make your V, it always turns out so nicely. I have some trouble doing them, possibly because of the shape of my lids? And of course, like I said before, you got great eyebrows! šŸ™‚

  19. qlaudhya says:

    Thanks, I’m sorry I couldn’t answer you earlier. I have the matte palette, but this one also has some shimmer shadows, and depends on what you like, and what’s your style, I personally like matte shadows, but shimmer shadows are easier to blend wich is a big plus for me.
    About the outter “V” the reason you don’t like how it turns out can be your brush, to apply it and define it, it’s better to use a small & stiff brush and then you can blend the edges with a fluffy brush.

  20. baroninvb says:

    love the song and the look, very nice!!

  21. LatinaLady30 says:

    Claudia….I love it! Puedes hacer un look con el CS palette…morado????????? gracias….se quiere de gratis!!!!xoxox

  22. qlaudhya says:

    Hola muchas gracias por comentar. fijate que ya tengo un look morado usando esta paleta, si le das mas atras en fechas lo podras encontrar, se llama “Smokey purple using cs 88 palette (good for Christmas)
    Espero sea de tu agrado =)

  23. LatinaLady30 says:

    Si Claudia…lo encontre…!!!! Voy a usarlo man`ana antes de ir al estudio biblico! Muchas gracias mamita! xoxoxo

  24. gigio8137 says:

    te queda muy bien!!

  25. meldrozz says:

    check out my channel and subscribe pleaseee. see al my makeuptutorialss… garantee you like it!!!