Victoria’s Secret – Fashion Show – Backstage Beauty: Makeup

Copy the makeup look from the 2008 Victoria’s Secret fashion show! Check out more great Backstage Beauty tips at Give yourself a makeover at the Seventeen Salon, at Grab some beauty tips from Seventeen readers just like you, at –

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24 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret – Fashion Show – Backstage Beauty: Makeup”

  1. 7Liara says:

    Adriana Lima <33 ??? 🙂

  2. kickpunch0 says:

    Alessandra Ambrosio Is Beautiful
    LOve her!

  3. SuperBarbieGirl09 says:

    Erin heatherton is so pretty

  4. Heartbelongs2fashion says:

    i love this. J’espère être un modèle, un jour aussi.

  5. PurdueRN says:

    so sexy!

  6. 7Liara says:

    I LOVE ADRIANA LIMA!! Thumbs high if you also think so! 🙂 Adriana is the most beautiful model/woman in the whole world..<3

  7. URMOMMA102595 says:

    heidi klum the best<3

  8. MonikaLoveYouM says:

    WOW this is more as beautiful!! How the MUA’s did the make up…gorgeous!! The models looked beautiful.I love every second of this video.Thanks for sharing it!! xox

  9. MonicazProduction says:

    @7Liara agreeed 🙂

  10. Xforeverlove21 says:

    whos is the model on the left at 0:42

  11. andykordin says:

    hellow can u tell me whats the lipgloss and lipstick pls \\?

  12. FashionistaFinds says:

    Wow I love this!
    Subscribe to my channel if you like fashion and beauty 🙂

  13. TheLanaRamone says:

    @7Liara She looks like a rat, Doutzen Kroes is SO much more beautiful.

  14. TheGirlOverThere28 says:

    I’m a victoria’s secret LOVER, and id just thought id share some of the cheapest clothes going on salee nowww!!!! thank you so muchh.

  15. 7Liara says:

    @TheLanaRamone Doutzen is my 2nd fave model,together with alessandra. But adriana was/is always my no. 1 ! But Doutzen is beautiful too 🙂

  16. BeautyGuruMakeup2 says:

    i looooove candace!

  17. chayakankerns says:


  18. chayakankerns says:

    fantasic..I love how she works on the models

  19. VSmodel123 says:

    woo hoo, jessica stam is in the backround

  20. requiemforlove1 says:

    2:19?? whats the models name again i see her everywhere!

  21. TheLanaRamone says:

    @requiemforlove1 rosie huntington-whiteley

  22. CioccolatinoSvizzero says:

    adriana lima perfect

  23. ARedheadResolved says:

    Perfect example of how a makeup geek can have just as much if not more influence than a bombshell model…I’m loving the glasses 😀

  24. ciccicasillas says:

    she surely does a great job! I’d love to get make up from a true artist!