Tinker Bell How-to Beauty Tips

Get a trendy, Tinker Bell-inspired new makeup look that both you (and mom!) will love with these beauty tips from a makeup artist showing you how-to apply your eye make-up and lip gloss. The Totally Tink cosmetics line is available now at Walmart.

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24 Responses to “Tinker Bell How-to Beauty Tips”

  1. DisneyLiving says:

    @MyPinkElephants You can find it in stores at WalMart. Thanks!

  2. DisneyLiving says:

    @lizzyisbackk Yes this is available at WalMart.

  3. 80sfreak1983 says:

    I ‘m going to WalMart tommow and I’m so gonna get that lip gloss.

  4. DisneyLiving says:

    @saidauchiha11 Good observation, its actually the dot on top of the Disney ” i “

  5. DisneyLiving says:

    @smart5615 You can find these at Walmart, thanks!

  6. Jgirlox24 says:

    i don’t think girls should wear makeup everyday; only on special occasions. this is a pretty cute look i have to admit. but the ppl in the video should work on their acting.

  7. Jgirlox24 says:

    0:13 *girl gets interrupted with applause out of nowhere* XD

  8. googoosports says:

    hahaha, i know that gurl!!

  9. MatthewWelch6674 says:

    someone that loves makeup as much as me lol i get expensive cosmetic stuff from Gratis Makeup Samples – theyre ace

  10. evelatas14 says:

    13 year old girls with make up… not cute at all

  11. Spinalrep says:

    how did you get the pass?

  12. didyoujustherethat says:

    oh… you startles me, ya right good video though

  13. lexterthegirl says:

    Man she OVER acted!

  14. TheCrazydreamer69 says:

    i like the glowing lip gloss xDD

  15. pupperoni86 says:

    The only time I could wear make up at that age was at halloween!

  16. 1234miagirl says:

    ive always loved tink but its gone to makeup awesome 🙂

  17. peaceloveninjas3 says:

    girls shouldnt shave their eyebrows

  18. Bubbles48094 says:

    HAHA OmGgg HELLO BeAUtFUl I almost died

  19. clubpenguinplays1 says:

    “My lips look all sad” (so cute)

  20. xxGlitterKittyxx says:

    you could tell they where acting but awesome

  21. getajobo says:

    LMAO! This is too funny…

  22. IzzybellKey says:

    “WOW you startled me” 🙂

  23. Dazzlechan says:

    No one shaved.

    It was a brush.

  24. marlinadevz says:

    i want that lipgloss so bad!!!!